Frozen in Time: Discover the Marvel of the Western World

A fantastic rock erected toward the sky, as a pagan tribute to the old gods. A still ship keeping humans from sinking in the sand while escaping from Vikings. The charm of a lone world, isolated from the continent at high-tide, yet remaining a part of the great western France. The Mont-Saint-Michel is the neuralgic center of great epic tales.

Since 1979, that unique cultural ecosystem belongs to the UNESCO world heritage list. That history oasis, frozen in time, received a globally acclaimed recognition for many reasons, the same reasons that have enlightened literature geniuses over time. But beyond the writings of Maupassant and Nodier, you will also be please to discover what led artists such as Edward William Cooke, John Ruskin, William Stanley Haseltine or Jean-Jacques Monanteuil to craft their paintings after the Mont-Saint-Michel.

Let yourself be surrounded by an atmosphere that centuries of passionate crafting have turned into a peculiar and inspiring environment. Put yourself at ease by enjoying a break out of the connected world as the monastic architecture of the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey will put your mind on a journey with medieval details. Figure out how the miracle of preservation from Viking and urbanization invasions was made possible.

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