Land of wines and history

Experience the wine wealth of Provence. The heritage of wines goes back to before the Roman era, that is to say, all the know-how passed on for centuries. Discover rosé wines such as the famous Côte de Provence, with its delicate pink colour and fruity aromas. Go to a château near Saint-Tropez for an exceptional tasting moment, in the heart of a renowned wine estate. Wander through the vineyard fields to enter the coolness of the cellars. Explore a unique universe, in the company of a connoisseur, who will introduce you to the best wines of the region.

Continue your discovery with red and white wines in the Bandol and Cassis estates. You will be amazed by the diversity of the wines. Learn how to recognize wines. Decipher the fruity notes and the more vegetal aromas such as laurel, thyme and rosemary grow. Some wines reveal a creamy colour with hints of liquorice and cinnamon.

What if you were to stay in a charming cottage for a night? Enjoy this moment of pure tranquillity, a glass of wine in hand, lying by your pool and surrounded by a lush, green, rural landscape.

With Peplum, you will discover a unique itinerary in magnificent vineyards selected among the best wines of France.

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