Cité Du Vin: All Roads Lead To Wine

Museum tours are always a treat to the mind, but they can also be one to the senses. Calling for sensations to put over words, the great journey proposed by the Cité du Vin is one of a kind, offering you to surround yourself with an enlightening lot of scents and sights. Unveil processes and stories and even the roles that wine played in human cultures since the dawn of time, jumping from an opportunity to share to religion corner stones for becoming, through oenology, a true form of art.

A Thrilling Voyage To The Senses

Entering an impressive building, omen of a travel through time and space imagined by peculiar minds, you will surely notice thrilling details, recalls of a passion for wine. Following the path drawn for you by the wine spirit through the hands of craftsmen, that great humankind invention seemingly as old as the dawn of time will undress before your very eyes. From geology to geography and arts, unveil the meaning of that mysterious beverage, hidden deep within myths and history. Is there a better place than this inspiring museum, to discover the magic behind the nectar?

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