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Wine Tasting Tour, Harvest and Truffle in Burgundy


Burgundy is a well-known place, in France and worldwide. Called by local people “Bourgogne”, this long-lasting France region is famous for its wines and exquisite cuisine masterpieces, but also for a unique natural assets.

Owing to fertile soils and well preserved vineyards that long-lasting local practices have nurtured, wine culture has been developing for centuries to become an art.

As an enjoyable result, Burgundy wine tasting is now a part of the most enjoyable experiences oneself can benefit from. To that extent, names such as Chablis or Nuit-St-Georges find echoes all around the world.

To have a better immersion in Bourgogne we invite you to share a great moment with one of the members of a Grand Cru family winery to discover the Terroirs of Vosne-Romanée and go truffle hunting with a specially trained dog a Lagotto breed.

After learning all about the Burgundy truffle from the expert and wine cellar visiting, you have an opportunity to discover a delicious wine-truffle pairing in a private salon of the Domaine.

While in the most famous wine region in France, explore the unique harvest in the heart of Burgundy. The harvest is the result of a year of work devoted to the development of a prestigious product. Discover the craftmanship and the original atmosphere of the harvest. This is a unique opportunity to share a special moment with the winemaker and to immerse into the world of wine making.


Cannes Film Festival – Peplum’s exclusive offer


Peplum’s exclusive offer

For 12 days each May, the city of Cannes is transformed from a quiet seaside resort into most crowded concentration of film industry activity on the planet. Thousands of people from the film industries, such as filmmakers, film fans and studio executives go down the Croisette to take part in the Festival de Cannes.
Peplum can provide the unique possibility to attend the stars’ world during this amazing event from May 12th to 23rd.

MAY 12

Opening Ceremony :

  • Orchestra seating 6900 €
  • Corbeille seating 6100 €
  • Balcony seating 4750 €
  • Opening Ceremony Afterparty 5400 €

MAY 12

Closing Ceremony :

  • Orchestra seating 6750 €
  • Corbeille seating 5400 €
  • Balcony seating 4050 €

MAY 12-13

All other movies during festival :

  • Daily Evening movie with Red carpet:
    From 2750 €Orchestra / 2100 € Corbeille / 1400 € Balcony
  • Special evening high requested films :
    From 3500 € Orchestra / 2750 € Corbeille / 2100 € Balcony

A bird’s eye view of Paris

Exclusive rooftops and impressive panoramas

Peplum – La France en Privé, your quality DMC Partner in France invites you to discover Paris’ most exclusive rooftops and terraces during your next France trip or event.

Dear Partners,

Paris is always a great destination to enjoy memorable moments overseeing the city. Indeed Paris, full of its historical buildings and monuments, also abounds of picturesque hotels and fancy restaurants featuring outstanding terraces and rooftops not always accessible for private events.

From a romantic escape to a big party, your luxury DMC partner Peplum – La France en Privé can arrange to book rooftops and huge private terraces.

Enjoy the Bastille Day Parade overlooking the Champs Elysees, the New Year’s Eve with the Trocadero Firework or chose a panoramic view and a full romantic decoration for your marriage proposal. Great for any special occasion, with a cup of champagne, the view of the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night and the rest of Paris is simply breathtaking.


French Luxury Craftmen

Behind the scenes of French luxury craftmen

Accessories are an important and irreplaceable element when it comes to fashion. Haute couture designers work hand in hand with creative artisans to enrich their creations with luxurious accessories.
Haute couture, lingerie, leather goods, jewellery, fashion and fashion accessories (shoes, hats, glasses):
dedicated to a craft, a house or a brand, reveal the behind-the-scenes of creation and invite you to visit a workshop or creative studio, to meet an artcraftsman, a designer or an art director, to discover the new
collections, manipulate the materials and create your object during a fun and participatory workshop.
Themed, unique and personalized, all our experiences and itineraries are made to measure and invite you to discover the behind the scenes of creation, the secrets of a collection’s design, heritage houses, brands
and creators embodying the avant-garde and the renewal of life.

Events & celebrations…


Tell us your vision, we will make it happen

Dear Travel designers,
Today’s century is all about living special experiences. This is what all individuals are looking for. As a travel designer you are the direct link to your clients’ needs. You know exactly the reasons why they decide to book a trip to France. You understand how this must become much more than another tourist visit. Many clients decide to come to France to celebrate happy occasions such as: weddings, engagement ceremonies, honeymoons, elopements, vows renewal parties, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals…

Preferred destinations for these kind of events are Paris, Provence and Côte d’Azur but Peplum will be able to organize your private events in every regions around France. At Peplum® our dedicated team benefits from over 10 years of experience in event planning and have partners in all kinds of categories.
Peplum® provides your clients with the most talented service companies having privileged contacts in:

• Venue decoration

• Flower-ornaments designers

• Entertainment

• Catering

• Transportation

• Stylists

• & many more…

Peplum® has a portfolio of properties including some of the most stunning venues in France and will offer your clients a made-to-measure location for their celebration taking care of every detail of the organization
understanding your clients’ needs and putting all the necessary efforts to provide a successful event.

Whether your client need assistance from the very beginning or are halfway through their event we can help. We will offer a full service package with custom planning services, handling everything from finding the right venue, to negotiating and contracting with vendors.
Our goal is to go above to provide great experiences.
Either a Gatsby wedding in a French castle, an anniversary in a luxury private Villa in Provence with one of France’s most famous Chef, a proposal on top of Paris’ most impressive rooftops or a birthday party at Opéra Garnier… There is nothing that we at Peplum® cannot prepare for your clients.

We look very forward to work together on a future event.

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