Biking In Corsica: Experience The Bliss Of An Untouched Nature

If Corsica rhymes for many of us as a land crafted by nature on purpose for hiking and sailing, we, at Peplum, know that is not entirely true. Hosting, in 2013, one of the steps that make the Tour de France so unique, Corsica has proven to be a real joy for biking too. For cycling enthusiasts as well as occasional riders, the Mediterranean island is but a real source of delight,

Unique Features Still Protected From The Human Hand

Crafting your own tour after your needs and owing to deep understanding of the territory our connoisseurs are proud of, let us compose a tour that looks just like you, for ensuring you will be able to discover the most breathtaking features of Corsica you can face. With 207 cycle routes, you can grasp unique sights of Bastia, Macinaggio, Barcaggio or even “Sentier des Douaniers”, where nature keeps its rights. Be amazed by the fragility and charm discreet species that populate the island are made of: Hermann Turtle, Tiliguerta Lizard, White Diotis or Sea Stocks are among the lovely amphibian and reptilian creatures, and delicate plants you will discover on your voyage.

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