Hiking In Corsica: Breath Again

The fresh scents of Eucalyptus never fail to soothe oneself anxiety. For your next great escape from a daily routine that requires you to reconnect to your true self, how about reaching a remote island, close to the gorgeous France mainland, yet so distinct. Corsica identity is indeed a rough diamond, made out of breathtaking sights that a series of mountains and hills offers on a unique biodiversity, both flora and fauna.

Diversified Activities For Sports And Nature Lovers

Contemplating the light turquoise that incredible protected marine reserves Corsica is proud of, let the beautiful GR20 tracks tell you tales of a nature that has seen the rise of Levie, a mountain village in the heart of Alta Rocca. Reaching, through a unique passageway, the magic “Torré”: a five meters high fortress, ancient circular temple that archaeologists are still studying. Unveil the secrets, as you will be enjoying a great hiking experience, of prehistoric sites that give a chance to enjoy unmatched sights of Pianu de Levi, such as Castellu de Cucuruzzu. Back from that inspiring trip, you will be able to appreciate a much deeper way what makes Corsica nature and culture truly unique.

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