Brittany And The Open Sea: Beauty Exploration By Boat

The sea lives at the center of a well furnished mythology Brittany is proud of. The very core of that cultural set of legends is home to the most inspiring stories about the eternal Emerald Coast. Allow yourself to receive dreams of the past that the lapping of the waves abandon in the wake of the Northern Gannet, a powerful and charming 12-meters speedboat, a valuable handmade construction crafted with skills and patience. Before your impressed eyes, the skillful captain will safely orchestrate your guided trip from the bay to the Channel Islands. Landing on lovely beaches, you will have the chance to walk around the entire coast from Fréhel to Mont-Saint-Michel for contemplating breathtaking landscapes.

Discover Vauban Forts Around Saint Malo For Unveiling Brittany Untouched Authenticity

Make meaningful memories as you will be sailing to gorgeous places such as the Pointe du Moulinet, Cezembre Islands, Fort de Conchée and Grand Bé while staying in a comfortable British style villa. Iodized air whistling you the secrets of the open sea, dancing rigging of picturesque ships, sights of lively local people… Hardly will you forget caress on your skin, and your soul.

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