When Renowned Ciders Show You The Way For Enjoying Unique Flavors

If France is renowned for the various notes of fruity scents of its savory wines, that gourmet land also knows how to craft a great deal of other prime ingredients for ensuring its inhabitants unique lifestyle. That is what you will get to realize as you will unveil the secrets one the most uncommon French territory proudly keeps. Your journey of revelations will lead you to Brittany, a fascinating region, rich in cultural and natural assets, that still nurture nowadays a long-lasting know-how for turning apples into a magic beverage.

The Birth Of Cornouaille: When Remarkable Craftsmen Legacy Shine In Brittany

The trustworthy label AOC offering a recognition to authentic beverages that do not fail to respect a set of high cultural and safety related standards is not that easily awarded. Among the happy few wines that benefit from that tribute, Cornouaille cider is a true jewel, first labelled ambassador of a rich set of gourmet beverages Brittany is proud of. Neutral and pure beverage designed after fruits of quality grown in the Finistère, Cornouaille cider exhibits its lovely golden color owing to 7 apples harvested by hand.

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