Cooking classes in Normandy for unveiling the secrets of Gastronomy

Discover the rich gastronomy of Normandy

Norman gastronomy is the epitome of the French art de vivre. The open grasslands, water meadows and fishing villages of Normandy carry the promise of countless gastronomic pleasures.

Salade cauchoise, Andouillettes, Teurgoule… Norman cuisine is a unique creation born from a cultural crossover. Inspired by Brittany from the west and Great Britain from the North, that area has been composing for a long time by sharing with other great tastes creators. Centre Region and Ile-de-France can indeed be counted among the lucky areas that could first receive Norman Camembert cheese.

To grasp a few sparks of the magic within Norman inspired gastronomy, how about a culinary trip?

Garnishing tables with fresh local products as early as 10 am, “the Chef” will guide you through your learning journey. From preparing ingredients the proper way to turning them into a refined yet simple flavoured piece of culture, that is. Your comprehensive cookery class will also be the opportunity for your host to share a soupçon of deep cultural authenticity. Worry not, besides, that healthy and deliciously productive effort of yours will not be ignored.

For Normans have a sense of hospitality, you will be granted a tasty glass of local cider. Your journey will not be ending yet though, as a cider tasting session will follow in the mid-afternoon, as you will be paying a visit to an organic cider farm.

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