A wine tasting escapade in Normandy

Take a break in Normandy’s lush wine country

Known for its rich history, Calvados is a French department belonging to Normandy. That term is also used to talk about a richly flavoured type of brandy created during the 17th century.

In Normandy, wine tasting has been elevated to an art form. Test your knowledge of French oenology with a wine tasting trip through Normandy’s legendary vineyards.

Following the origins of that luxury beverage, let us be en route for a surprising journey. Walking among the charming half-timbered buildings of Pays d’Auge, oneself cannot help but enjoying an inspiring architecture. Arriving at the liquid asset atelier, you will understand why diversity and quality of Calvados alcohol remain famous. Offering a ballet of sensations crafted after pears or apples, its process sublimes cider into a refined spirit.

For helping you to understand its amazing complexity, Peplum takes the lead.

Begin your emotional voyage to unveil the wonders of Calvados by visiting a long-lasting family distillery located in the very heart of a typical wondrous Normandy landscape. Between Deauville and Pont l’Evêque, you will be amazed to see a proud mansion standing between picturesque woods and fruit trees. Let the scent floating in the air tell you the stories of aging cellars. A skillful craftman will lead you through wine press, pot still, passing by a typical boilery and washhouse for reaching the bread oven.

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