Corsica And Its Legacy: A Heritage Private Day Tour To Dive Into History

History enthusiasts know how wonderful artifacts can be, for they keep a light within of what humankind used to be. Get onboard for a travel through time as you will move from one artifact to another, led by a connoisseur of Corsica region who will guide you during your exploration of Bonifacio. From a preserved nature to an impressive lot of objects and monuments, historical witnesses of meaningful past events, unveil the trip humans have taken over centuries for crafting, stone by stone, the lovely society that provides today such a high quality of life.

From Invasions To Economic Development: Discover The Standing Bonifacio

Unveil the secrets of a city threaten by invasions, lodged between high lime stones on gorgeous cliffs carved by wind and spray. Setting of Guy de Maupassant’s novella “Vendetta”, that lightly urbanized has been been granted its name owing to its location and the breathtaking sceneries it offers, called “Bunifaziu La Blanc” by the local inhabitants. Discover its stone citadel, its magnificent churches such as Saint-Dominique de Bonifacio and Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Bonifacio, and hear the tales of past lives resonating between walls.

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