Corsican Wines Tour: The Identity Within The Taste

If France must be remembered for one thing, that must be its wine. Owing to a long-lasting tradition that spread all over the nation for enlightening the culinary practices and nurturing the conquest of new gustatory territories, wine crafting art has taken, over time, as many forms as there are regions. Corsica is no different. Well-kept secrets that survived centuries of invasions, Corsican wines scents and flavors ballets are recognized for their quality, as the nine AOC labeled regions of Corsica show. Prepare for a voyage through a cocktail that will reveal a whole new world of sensations to your inner self.

A Deep Understanding

The identity Corsica is so proud of is also to be found in its wines. By discovering its three main endemic grapes that Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu, you will begin your gustatory journey. A private tour of wineries will help you understand the secrets of a unique set of know-how, that explains the colors, the scents and the tastes you will get to explore on tasting sessions that will follow. Get exposed to a culture that gives room to a multicultural sceneries on a Terroir of quality.

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