French Pottery In Provence: Take A Chance To Redefine Your Sources Of Inspiration For Art

Art is everywhere in France. From the stones of ancient yet amazingly beautiful castles ruins populating the breathtaking sceneries of Provence to the picturesque small villages, art is everywhere. Find out where to find the most respectable craftsmen who wisely use their skills to celebrate French art de vivre: find out what Provence really is about. That is precisely where some of the finest French craftsmanship achievements quietly prepare in the heart of a lifestyle oneself cannot suspect from the outside fast-paced world. Unveil the secrets of Provence craftsmen, putting their own soul into an art that is a part of the main ingredients turning some major events such as the European festival of ceramic arts into famous success.

Provence Pottery: Where French Craftsmanship Proposes Its Own Version Of French Art De Vivre

Saint-Quentin-La-Poterie: a vibrant center full of peculiar profiles, located in Gard, that is the core of a village heritage where dozens of inspiring initiatives blossom: dedicated museum, teaching centres, galleries and bookshop will welcome you as you will take a journey for happily discovering how inspiring roots of Provence craftsmanship can be.

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