French cooking workshop

Learn French culinary art in the company of a great and experienced Chef. Begin your apprenticeship with a detour to the local market. Browse the colourful stalls in the company of your Chef. He will show you how to find the best fresh fruits and vegetables to make your recipe a success. A pleasure for the senses is offered to you with the scent of Provençal herbs and the sweetness of scarlet red tomatoes.

Back to your cooking workshop, you will learn how to cook the products of the day. The cooking class is adapted to your level whether you are Cordon Bleu or confirmed. Through this apprenticeship, you will discover French cuisine, the cultural jewel of France. A gastronomic initiation to know how to combine flavours. You will hear the simmering of onions that have been browned in olive oil in the frying pan. Let yourself be carried away by the tempting smells of fish stock or ratatouille with summer vegetables.

After cooking, time for tasting. Around a delicious glass of wine, you will appreciate all the more the satisfaction of your culinary achievement.

Experience this moment of emotion and sharing thanks to Peplum. A unique moment to discover French cuisine.

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