Guérande Salt: Brittany Legacy Is To Be Tasted In Some Of The Most Savory French Meals

Core ingredient of hundreds of amazing gourmet meals, treats oneself can enjoy for breakfast, magic element of the savory escapes humans have been allowing themselves to take for centuries in a Gourmet land… Guérande salt is an unique offering Brittany inland sea has conceded for enlightening daily lives. Owing to a set of know-how, the finest flavors craftsmen have been refining their skills over time.

Between Traditions And A Will To Ease Vapid Food: An Adventure Through Marshland

Dress on and follow the skillful craftsmen who look after their people needs for taste by turning the marshland into an actual source of delight. For making that natural reservoir of magic speak the delicious language of flavors, craftsmen need to pay attention to details such as how to harvest, sort and sieve that precious mineral. Once the fruit of the ocean and the wind is properly treated, savory tales can be confessed. Unveil the techniques those farmers are proud of within their cooperative owing to a guided tour through Guérande salt marshes. Understand the mysterious course of elements for giving birth to worldwide famous ingredient.

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