Lifestyle In Provence: A French Heritage To Enjoy Through A Personalized Shopping Experience

Where nobility brightly emerges, sensibility to the finest humankind wonders has a chance to blossom. Allow experienced guides and knowledgeable connoisseurs to enlighten your understanding of a lifestyle crafted through refined lives of historical characters that were to play key roles in people lives over time. Get onboard for a memorable journey to truly grasp realities behind art pieces. Let yourself be told the secrets of forgotten castles, breathtaking ruins that still partly stands owing to a great set of impressive skills and the high quality of amazingly beautiful stones. Come back to present to enjoy contemporary activities with a new perception.

Shopping And History: When Art, Crafted Goods And Chateau Life Celebrate Aristocracy Legacy

Discover an ultimate personal shopping trip at Provence’s high-end boutiques and exclusive designer shops. Redefine your notion of luxury shopping owing a journey leading you to the best fashion items, the most refined perfumes and art boutiques of the region. Enjoy richly decorated interiors from Avignon to Luberon, without missing breathtaking experiences Aix-en-Provence only can provide, for truly enjoying what the French nobility heritage has left behind to nurture your mind.

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