Morbihan Gulf: Enjoy Kayaking Like Nobody Is Watching

Through the history of its 42 wonderful islands, Morbihan Gulf is to be counted among the most beautiful jewel Brittany can offer. Crossover of the sea, the land and the magic, that place out of time turns culture and nature into the very notes of a lovely symphony you will never be able to forget. Delightful collection of great features, that unique place received a great recognition as it is now part of the “Parc Naturel Régional” since 2014. From the entrance of the Morbihan Gulf to Arz island, the emerged lands in the middle of the mythical inland sea announce a series of discoveries that will surprise you, one after another.

Kayak Tours For Unveiling Unique Experiences

Tides punctuate the pace of local people life, who happily share traditional stories. Unveil hidden gems, beyond Arz island, heading to South-east, and find out what treasures lie deep in gorgeous bays and untouched mudflat where a rich biodiversity will amaze you. Kingdom of birds, Morbihan Gulf offers a collection of sights that can hardly be ignored. With a unique configuration, the inland sea will offer you a kayaking session that that you will never forget.

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