Witness of a Middle-Aged Europe: plunge into history with Bayeux Tapestry

History and arts intertwine for planting the seeds of inspiration in everyone’s mind. Taking off for a cultural journey is a unique experience oneself cannot help enjoying. For ensuring a soft landing in French history, we propose you to plunge into the intimate truth laying under the weighty legend of William the Conqueror.

Let yourself be told the mythical story behind the sumptuous 70 meters long embroidery, whispering secrets of the Duke of Normandy who rose for conquering England in 1066. For who knows how to read the complete Bayeux Tapestry, every single fibers offer the tale of an artifact remaining the silent witness of a fascinating middle-aged Europe. You will be helped in your understanding by an audio-guide available in 16 languages. You then will be able to appreciate, on your own or with your whole family, the peculiarity of this relic.

Go back in time, aiming for the 11th century, by closely examining that UNESCO listed treasure of Humanity. Depicting the Halley’s Comet, the Bayeux Tapestry will amaze you with a great deal of details narrating a course of events. However, you will also be thrilled by a certain number of mysteries that still surround that piece of art.

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